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Watch Sudigadu 2012 Telugu Movie Online | Sudigadu 2012 Telugu Movie

Cast: Allari Naresh, Monal Gajjar and others
Cinematography: Vijay Vulaganath
Art: Raghu Kulkarani
Editing: Goutham Raji
Action Choreographer: Ram – Lakshman
Music: Sri Vasanth
Producer: Chandra Shekar D. Reddy
Story: Amudhan
Screenplay- Dialogues-Direction:Bheemineni Srinivasa Rao

Kamesh (Allari Naresh) and his spouse (Hema) become the extremely pleased mom and father of a highly effective and highly effective new child who is blessed with a six load up system. Just when the child is blessed, Thikkal Reddy (Jayaprakash Reddy) comes in as the rogue and he becomes a sworn attacker of the child. To preserve the child from Thikkal Reddy, Kamesh gets his mom (Kovai Sarala) to evade to Hyderabad. The child matures into Shiva (Allari Naresh), a highly effective and highly effective youthful guy with apparently invincible abilities like a Telugu Movies idol.

Shiva can create principal points quit, task some time to even create Posani Krishna Murali talk wisely. On a part observe, Shiva satisfies Priya (Monal Gajjar) over the course of your energy and energy and drops in really like with her. Thikkal Reddy’s group associates keep searching for Shiva and he chooses to battle. He also encounters level of resistance from the strange Don D.

How he battles them all and with what abilities types the relax of the tale.

Allari Naresh is excellent in the part of Shiva. He uses his funny moment to excellent impact and he keeps the fun aspect in the film going right until the end. This is one of his best activities up to now. Monal Gajjar is ok.

Jayaprakash Reddy, Shayaji Shinde, Krishna Bhagawan and M.S.Narayana do a excellent job and they handle to create the audiences chuckle. Brahmanandam is excellent as Jaffa Reddy. Hema and Kovai Sarala are good. Srinivas Reddy entertains in a part that is a satire on the Siddha personality from Khaleja. Seafood Venkat and Raghu Babu charm temporarily.

The durability of the film can be found in remarkably designed spoofs on all the greatest strikes of the market. The spoofs have been done in a excellent natured way without malice and they will be experienced by everyone. Two spoofs take a position out for their elegance – One on TV Core Omkar and the other on the customized of Upper leg Putting (thoda kottadam). The spoof on Omkar in particular had crowd moving in their chairs with fun. Posani Krishna Murali contributes excellent fun to that series.

The film goes with excellent speed most of enough some time to awesome funny keeps the audiences interested. Bheemaneni Srinivasa Rao won in developing the funny wisely into the story.

Climax is a disappointment for the film. Comedy quotient and enjoyment aspect dip significantly in the one landscape that should have been a emphasize. The judge show should have been better designed. Also, the ultimate perspective in the film did not pan out the way it was designed. Until the ejaculation, I was having excellent fun but the inadequate finishing ruined the encounter a little for me.
Songs are another less factor. Except for the starting songs, none of them are really interesting. They provide as speedbreakers. Loving monitor between Naresh and Monal Gajjar could have been better.
The second 50 percent, especially towards the end, is affected with a minor dip in speed. Kondavalasa and L.B.Sriram look out of position in their figures.

Technical Factors :
Cinematography is reasonable. Dialogues are amazing and are entitled to unique discuss. They have been published in a very interesting style. Sri Vasanth’s songs is just about acceptable. Modifying is reasonable but it could have been clearer in the second 50 percent.
Bheemaneni Srinivasa Rao is successful to make the film interesting right until the very end. He should have taken more health care with regards to the ejaculation. Development principles are excellent.

Verdict :
Sudigaadu is a excellent fresh performer that will create you chuckle out noisy. The spoofs are amazing and like I said, the one on Omkar is not to be skipped. Allari Naresh shows yet again that he is indeed the Comedy Master. A poorly implemented ejaculation destroys an otherwise steadily interesting film. Still, Sudigaadu is one very pleasant spoof on TFI and it creates for a excellent observe this few days. Do not forget it.

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Sudigadu Movie Wallpapers [Cinema Pukarlu] Sudigadu Movie Wallpapers [Cinema Pukarlu] Sudigadu Movie Wallpapers [Cinema Pukarlu] Sudigadu Movie Wallpapers [Cinema Pukarlu] Sudigadu Movie Wallpapers [Cinema Pukarlu]

Download Sudigadu Telugu Mp3 Songs
Sudigadu (2012)
Cast : Allari Naresh, Monal Gajjar
Director : Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao
Producer : Chandra Sekhar Reddy
Music : Sri Vasanth
.:: Tracklist ‘n’ Download Links ::.
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Click on the song to Download
01 – Twinkle Twinkle
Singers : Ranjith, Chorus
Lyrics : Ramjogayya Sastry
Download Link
02 – Inky Pinky
Singers : Allari Naresh, Rahul Sipligunj, Chorus
Lyrics : Bhimaneni Roshitha Sai
Download Link
03 – Yenduke Cheli
Singers : Haricharan, Chorus
Lyrics : Ananth Sriram
Download Link
04 – Jagaalu Mottham
Singers : Revanth
Lyrics : Seetarama Sastry
Download Link
05 – Gajibiji Gathukula Roaddu
Singers : Sahithi, Sri Krishna, Revanth, Prudhvi Chandra
Lyrics : Ramjogayya Sastry
Download Link
06 – Zara Zara
Singers : Allari Naresh, Geetha Madhuri, Hemachandra, Haritha, Chorus
Lyrics : Chandrabose
Download Link
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