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Watch Mask 2012 Telugu Movie Online | Mask 2012 Telugu Watch Online

Cast: Jeeva, Narain, Pooja Hegde, Selvaah
Director: Mysskin

Behind the Movie Mask: Youthful idol Jiiva, who got identification in Telugu with a hit ‘Rangam’ has come these days with ‘Mask,’ the Telugu known as edition of ‘Mugamoodi.’ With Pooja Hegde as heroine, Mysskin instructed the film. Let us see, what is this ‘Mask’ all about?

In the Movie Mask: Anand known as as Bruce Lee by his buddies connected to a middle-class close relatives in Vizag. He is thrilled towards Kung Fu and is qualified under Expert Chandru (Selva). Getting motivation from Bruce Lee, Anand desired to confirm him-self as different in lifestyle rather than doing those 9 to 6 type of tasks. He drops in really like with Shanti (Pooja Hegde) in first look and follows her. On the other aspect, a legal dark hidden Kung Fu expert group is on a theft exercise. Cops Official Gaurav (Naazar) is tormented by this group who does not keep any signs for research. Shanti is none other than Gaurav’s girl.

With the concept of huge dad (Girish Karnad), Anand clothed as Monster goes to Shanti’s home to make an impression on her. Unintentionally, Anand comes across the range of hidden thieves and allows police in capturing one of them. As Cops are not able to see the experience of Anand, he is known as as Cover up Man. Factors go incorrect, when Anand goes the next evening to expose his real identification before Shanti. Unfortunately, the range of hidden men strike Gaurav and Anand is created the scapegoat even with the killing of his buddy.

From here on, Anand who goes out from the identify has got the process to confirm his purity and discover those hidden thieves. How is Expert Chandru connected to Go of this mask group, Adi Keshav (Narain)? How did Expert Chandru help Anand in studying the instant methods of Kung Fu to destroy Adi Keshav? When did Shanti understand that Cover up Man is none other than Anand established the rest…

Values & Out of the Movie Mask: Motivated by the Superman, Monster and Batman type of principles, this Cover up Man is composed by Mysskin. Unfrtunately, he unsuccessful in performance aspect. Other than fantastic cinematography and well choreographed Kung Fu activity scenarios, typical viewers cannot get connected to anything else. There is neither feelings nor enjoyment. Narration information of Mysskin is a fairly immediately range with no highs and lows. Camerawork by Sathay is spell-bounding. Significant aspect of the film is taken in dark and the photographic camera perspectives used are extremely amazing. Modifying by Gaugin was absolutely gradual which murdered the speed of movie. K’s backdrop ranking is immediately duplicated from many Artist pictures. Perhaps, it is quite contrariety with our frequent qualification. Kung Fu scenarios done by China stop experts are relaxing. Development principles of Extremely Super Excellent Films are praiseworthy.

Performance sensible Jiiva for most of enough time will be seen underplaying his personality. He was at remarkable convenience doing Kung Fu. Pooja Hegde is not a amazing elegance. Naazar got a resolved and reasonable personality. Narain is amazing and can be an excellent rogue. Selva seems to be an established Kung Fu martial artist. Girish Karnad has nothing additional typical to do. Staying others, it is difficult to recognize for Telugu viewers.

‘Mask’ does not have in speed and nativity. Although there are very few dialogues, none really efficient. Mysskin has depended only on specialized elegance rather than concentrating on concept from viewers’ perspective. Except one or a 50 percent funny landscape, movie is zero on enjoyment quotient. Movie choices up a bit only when Jiiva grabs the first man in Thief Gang. Primary issue in ‘Mask’ is exposed just before the first 50 percent.

Flashback of Selva and Narain is well taken. Then ejaculation is also different from schedule ones. With its own benefits and contact of innovativeness, as frequent ‘Mask’ is affected with all those drawbacks needed for a Tamil to Telugu known as film. Over the counter, there might be little possibility of Tamil viewers to pick up this ‘Mask’ but for Telugu community, sorry no way.

Final Judgment of the Movie Mask: Flask of Tea is a Must, to keep this Cover up.

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