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Watch Andala Rakshasi 2012 Telugu Movie Online | Andala Rakshasi 2012 Telugu Movie Watch Online

Cast: Rahul, Naveen Chandra, Lavanya T, Pragati, CVL Narasimha Rao, Mickey, Pragathi and others
Music: Radhan
Cinematography: Murali G
Art director: S Ramakrishna
Editing: Chandu G V
Choreography: Ajay Sai
Produced by: Sai Korrapati and S S Rajamouli
Written and directed by:Hanu Raghavapudi.

What’s it about!

The film is set in Nineties. Gautham (Rahul), a wealthy businessman’s son, intends to stay an common lifestyle and brings such lifestyle in Hyderabad. One day he drops for the appeal of a college pupil Midhuna (Lavanya) on a first vision. In a leap cut it is exposed that she satisfies with incident and Gautham and his dad resources her surgery treatment. Their mom and father organize their wedding as well. On the wedding day, she shows about her really like with Surya (Naveen Chandra), so both Gautham and Midhuna run away from wedding and begin knowing each other. Few several weeks later, it is exposed that Surya is not deceased. And the dilemma carries on between the three.


Set in the 1990s-93, Andala Rakshasi is first appearance function film of Hanu Raghavapudi, a former affiliate of Chandrasekhar Yeleti. Kitsch of all Manirathnam’s starting films, Andala Rakshasi is in particular retelling of Manirathanm’s traditional Mounaragam with a terrible end. The film coldly apes visible design and moments from many Manirathnam’s films but the film director assessments the audiences’ perseverance with tired speed. In main issue with the film, nothing happens, except cinematographer taking the actor’s actions and characteristics magnificently. Instead of having a regular discussion, all the three cause stars scream or yell at each other. Even when one someone demands query, the stars shift 10 metres further then scream and response. This happens throughout the film. It is a magnificently taken film but very noisy and improbable.

Although the film is set in starting Nineties the film looks as if it is occurring now with automobiles, hoardings, high-rise homes in Hyderabad, which were missing then, but can been seen now. Only that the creators have put a observe at the starting of the film that reason us for this fail up. Even if we reason that one, the establishing of the Nineties hardly creates any feeling other than the factor that deficiency of function of quick interaction performs key factor in the last landscape.

At run duration of 150 moments, Andala Rakshasi is long. The only fascinating moments occur in the penultimate series. On the good part of the film, the film entirely connected to new cinematographer Murali G. His perform is amazing to say the least. From starting to end, the wonderful cinematography is the redeeming aspect.


The three cause stars are wonderful. Naveen Chandra is excellent discover. He has indicated really like and suffering through his sight and his actions is ideal. He is best aspect of the film. Rahul as suave guy is attractive. His speech informs us of Siddharth. Lavanya is wonderful and in the aspect of girl-next-door she will do the job completely. CVL is at his organic best. Though Pragathi does go crazy sometimes, she does rights to the meaty aspect she got as a mom to the heroine. The acting professional who unquestionably aspect of dad to Rahul not matches to that personality.

As described previously, the film is one person’s show- cameraman Murali’s. His mounting, illumination, lensing…everything is first amount. Among the other specialized team, songs film director Radhan’s perform is amazing. Two songs are very excellent. Development design (Ramakrishna) is fairly bad as he isn’t able to reproduce the old Hyderabad. Perhaps deficiency of money! Keep in mind even little allocated films like Ananthapuram 1980 ( Subramanyapuram in Tamil) did reproduce 1980?s look completely. Art perform in films doesn’t mean ‘creating’ steel wildlife or content.

The new film director has unsuccessful as author. The film’s program although duplicated from Manirthnam’s Mounaragam and various moments from Geetanjali etc, does not have coherence. Both the figures almost stalk her for really like but it is represented as wonderful relationship and she reciprocates to both of them. Wha Wah ji! There is no reasoning why she draws to Surya in the first position and it is unfathomable that she ‘elopes’ with Gautham when he demands and consider this that she comes from middle-class household and the film is set in Nineties.

As a film director Hanu has proven hold in managing moments and stars. Yes, there are little bit that are amazing. The film director has tried to tell symbolically the three figures are like Sun, Celestial satellite and World but has also taken moments in that way but all of them missing in interpretation.


Andala Rakshasi is nothing but retelling of Manirathnam’s Mounaragam with a terrible finishing. Beautiful cinematography is the only factor that should be praised. Relax assessments your perseverance.

Andala Rakshasi Theatrical Trailer

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