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War between Chitrangada Singh and Poonam Pandey – Chitrangada’s a jealous bitch! – This time the war between the glamorous queens is going on, sometimes one dig to other and then that reply were more rubbish. Yes we talk about sexy model Poonam Pandey who gave reply to bollywood glamorous actress Chitrangada Singh. Few days ago, Chitrangada Singh tweeted about Poonam Pandey’s no bikini pic – “How do you compete with Poonam Pandey, when she is ready strip for kabbadi matches?”
Later she added – “Though I have never met Poonam and no prsnl agenda, but guess she does her bathroom rituals evrydy and in sometimes that involves striping (sic).”
However, the controversy queen quickly reacted to Chitrangada Singh by saying her a Jealous Bitch !! Yes Poonam replied to Singh with a rubbish tweet – “people are using her name to garner publicity. Its so funny how the people who know the least about you, have the most to say (sic).” She went on to add, “Jealousy: That’s what makes a bitch talk.” poonam-pandey-chitrangada-singh-war
Later Poonam gave confirmation that she is talking about Chitrangada Singh, she added – “TweetHearts!!! there is this Actress she had 700 followers since many months started using my name now has 1300+ in a day … hahah how cheap any one can be arrey yaar itna bhi “Garib” mat bano 😛 (sic).”
Amazing, how can we predict who will be the winner of this glam queens tweeting war ? Anyway, keep patience and check here what will be the next reaction of Chitrangada to Pandey?
Comment here what you think who were the right and who will be the ?

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