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Sunny Leone sported a Burka to escape media

Sunny Leone was just an adult star whom not many people knew about except the viewers of her movies. But one stint in Bigg Boss 4 and she is all over the place. From fan clubs to SMS jokes, Sunny is everywhere. Hence, it became imperative for her to now escape the media glare. So that no one finds out about her entry in Ekta Kapoor’s office to finalise the deal of the sequel to Ragini MMS, Sunny donned a burka to escape the paparazzi!

A source revealed that Ekta hadn’t met the actress before. The discussions happened via confidential mail service. So, the producer was interested to meet Sunny. But they wanted it to keep it hush-hush too. Ekta was against telling media anything till the contracts were drawn. So when all the matters were looked into, Ekta invited Sunny to her office to sign the agreement. To keep the meeting a secret, Sunny took the help of a burka. Media couldn’t get a wind of the actress’s involvement here and when the time was ripe, Ekta made the stunning announcement of signing Sunny for the sequel of her spooky film.

But Sunny is still playing along the secretive game. She wrote on twitter that Jism 2 is the only movie she is working on right now. Come off it Sunny! An official announcement has already been made. You have nothing to hide now!

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