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Return to `Bigg Boss` not because of Salman: Mahek – Mumbai: We are sure fans of Mahek Chahal must be celebrating her return to the house of `Bigg Boss` but her detractors do have a lot to crib about over her re-entry into the infamous show.

Ex-contestants Pooja Bedi and many others believe that Mahek has a strong backing in the form of show co-host Salman Khan. Shakti Kapoor even went a step ahead in calling her the superstar’s eye candy.

The starlet had categorically denied Salman’s involvement in the show and her consequent entry into the house. Addressing a daily, Mahek clarified that Salman Khan has never used his star status to effect eviction or re-entry decisions.

She said, “It would be unfair to say that I have been selected as the wild card entry because of Salman Khan. Yeh sarasar jhooth aur bakwaas hai (This is absolute non-sense and false). My supporters saw me being humiliated on the show. If I`m back, it is only because of them and not because of Salman.”

The actress also slammed Akashdeep Saigal for calling her names.
“There are certain issues which I want to clarify in the house. For instance, Sky maintains that he never abused anyone. Woh kehta hai ki usne logon ko gaali nahin di (He says he has never abused people). But he hasn`t only called me `bhootni` (ghost), but also bad-mouthed my family and most importantly, my father. Uska khud ka kya wajood hai (Who does he think he is)? He is a liar, and that`s why he cooked up stories about my past in the show,” said Mahek.

The girl also spoke about Juhi Parmar, who stands a great chance of winning the show. She said, “A few days back, Juhi said on TV that she gets nervous when someone screams in the house. Doesn`t she remember she was the first contestant to get into a fight on the show? She was the first person to have yelled at a fellow contestant (Amar). Unhone toh iska udghatan kiya thaa. Has she forgotten everything?”

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