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Live at American Idol: The Top 10 Dish on Erika’s New Hair and Heejun’s “Crazy” Performance – Heejun Han gave us the heads-up that he was planning to do something “crazy” tonight on American Idol and he didn’t disappoint! Plus, he wasn’t the only contestant to pull a surprise on the audience!

In addition to Heejun’s risky performance, which included pretending to need a do-over before ripping off his tux jacket, Erika Van Pelt debuted a drastic new ‘do during the show: Goodbye, blond locks! Hello, black pixie cut!

So what did Heejun and Erika have to say about their scene-stealing moments tonight when we caught up with them after the show? And what did their fellow contestants think of their choices? Plus, what did Phillip Phillips really think of Diddy’s comments?

“I love it!” Erika tells us of her big hair change, which she has been hoping to do for awhile, but decided to do after her styling session with Tommy Hilfiger.

“I knew I wanted to do something to my hair. Ever since the beginning of the competition, my hair has been in the ‘it’s still growing out’ stage. I had it short for like six years, and over the past three years I’ve let it grow out. The color I wasn’t really doing anything exciting with,” she explains. “Tommy Hilfiger suggested I cut my hair, I said, here’s my opportunity. It was not his idea to go dark, that was mine, but I figured if I do it, I’m going to go all out. We cut it, we dyed it and here it is. It’s gone and it’s black!”

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