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Kim Kardashian In Skin Tight Leather Trousers With Her Husband – Kim Kardashian In Skin Tight Leather Trousers With Her Husband

Kim Kardashian was seen in skin tight leather trouser, she wore an unusually little amount of makeup and her long dark hair was pulled into a tight casual top knot, she still managed to pull off a show stopping look as she stepped out in Los Angeles last day in day time. Her beautiful curves showed off in black tight outfit dress. She tottered along in towering black platform Louboutin heels, black cowl necked top and a black and white blazer.

The star actress clutched also an oversize black leather bag; she had driven to a studio in Sherman Oaks. She was joined with her husband Kris Humphries at DWTS studio. Recently she is busy in filming Kourtney & Kim take New York in Manhattan but is now back home in California. She in her childhood wasn’t born with her perfect hair, a face full of makeup and cameras following her every move. In her photograph of an old family of Kim it looked that a very young Kim is seen with wild curly hair and unruly eyebrows. In that picture she was seen as wearing a very girly dress velvet dress. She most probably has dreamt of the day when she’d marry her dream man.

Kim rose to fame as the best friend of the star Paris Hilton before she and some of her family, pictured in the old snap. Now she herself has become a star of the world of entertainment, she became stars in their own right with their E! Show of the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” Now she has blossomed into a super s3xy reality star and mogul. She is always fashionably attired. In the age of young Kim would not have understood what Twitter was and now never mind have a whopping 10,631,978 followers.

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