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Justin’s Secret Celeb Fantasy – Angelina Jolie is no doubt the ‘celebrity fantasy’ of many men. And, although some women wouldn’t mind their partner having a celebrity crush on Ange, Jennifer Aniston is surely the last person that springs to mind when it comes to allowing their beau a crush on her arch nemesis screen rival.

However, while on the set of Iron Man 2 in 2010, Jen’s current man Justin Theroux admitted just that, after he confessed to Keith Middlebrook that his A-list fantasy women was none other than, wait for it… “Angelina Jolie.” Keith added, “I laughed, saying the only fat she has is in her lips,” and he quipped, “That’s the only place she needs it!”

Poor Jen. Life had finally started looking up for the unlucky-in-love former Friends star, who is spending most of her free time with Justin. Rumours have even been flying that a wedding is on the cards.

But, the news that Justin’s film set chat centred on fantasising about Angelina, who famously stole Jen’s husband Brad Pitt, can be nothing more than devastating for her.

A source said, “Jen is worried how Ange may take these comments, especially as the two seem to have a lot in common. Of all the people he could have picked to fantasise about, it just had to be Ange.”

Justin and Ange certainly seem to have more in common than what he does with Jen. Ange has a well-documented drug abuse history, while Jen has more of a wholesome reputation.

Keith couldn’t help but let rip about Justin’s drug past. He added, “He told me about using powerful painkillers as well as narcotics.” It’s a long list!

And, we revealed last week that Ange is fuming at Brad for describing his relationship with Jen as “idyllic”, and praising her “hilarious” and “incredibly loving” personality after originally slating her… It’s all very exhausting!

But we’re sure that Ange is delighted with Justin’s confession, if for nothing more than to get back at Jen.

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