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Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Wants To Have Their Children

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Wants To Have Their Children,In a recent interview with New magazine, UK, he said he is in love with Selena … and that she wants her children! (After the marriage, and by the time he was 25 years old!) So, how to do things right now? Great. (Sorry, girls!)”Yes, very well,” said Bieber. “We’re both very busy, but both were dismissed last month and it was great to spend time together and just doing normal things like going to the beach and eat together.”

And what do you like Selena? Besides the obvious?”Everyone can see it is hot and that’s fine, but there is much more than that,” he said. “It makes me laugh and puts up with my jokes. She strong family values. Both were raised by our mothers in single parent households, and that gave us a lot of family values, even in life.”

Right now we are so busy, that is about hotel rooms for me most of the year, “he said.” It could be a part of the world and could be in others. We are a young couple who enjoy spending time with them. “And here’s the biggie – he is in love with his daughter, “I would not be with anyone if I was not in love,” he revealed.So when the great day of the wedding?

“I can not say when, but I do not want to be when I grow old,” said Bieber. “In this industry, people can put things like getting married and having children until later, but these are the things that are most important … I love to be a young father, and although I have my first child at 25, which still gives me plenty of time to concentrate on my career. Selena loves children, she is really great with them. ”

And when all is said and done, Justin is a man who clings to tradition.

“I know that we live in a modern world,” he said, “but it’s a nice way of doing things. I am a very traditional way. I want the wedding and then I want the kids later.”

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