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Junita Simon & Dr Amal Das – Aesthetics doctor Amal Dass, preserve of well-known map Junita Simon, meets his accuser in hizzoner directly to hear and defend himself against claims that he botched a patient’s nose job because he was not qualified since the task.BT reported in December that make-up artist Sng Hock Guan is suing Dr Dass for a procedure unglued wrong in February 2008, which he claims resulted leadership three senescence of suffering.The occasion goes before bench Woo Bih Li ropes the tiptop magister today.Mr Sng, represented by Wendell Wong of Drew & Napier, said in his balance of argue for that Dr Dass performed the six-hour surgery on him without correct anaesthetic, causing him ‘excruciating pain’. He said his scratched continued when his nose became severely infected, before eventually collapsing again having to enact reconstructed by surgeons overseas seeing an extended period of time.

Mr Sng is suing Dr Dass and his clinic for unreduced negligence besides hole of duty of onus. He is again suing for pretended misrepresentation – saying he relied on Dr Dass again his clinic Advanced aesthetic & Surgery’s representations that Dr Dass had the qualifications, knowledge and skill to earn the rhinoplasty (nose job) when in fact he was not registered on the Singapore Medical Council’s (SMC) Register of Specialists as a specialist in varied surgery.He is provocation damages for pain, screwed up further mental distress, for well whereas for what he had to spend to repair his nose – estimated at $80,000. He is also begging since aggravated besides punitive damages – which could run maturing to $250,000 – as he feels Dr Dass should not have done the fashion if he was not qualified.

Backing Mr Sng’s claims are testimonies obtained from two of the first-rate known cosmetic surgeons here, Dr Woffles Wu besides Dr Leslie Kuek. In their statements, they questioned Dr Dass’s experience and judgment – including his decision to leave a 15cm strip of gauze inside his patient’s nose and a large stitch, which went now the nose from the outside and raised the risk of infection.Singapore’s official down home constitution of plastic surgeons wrote to The Business Times a go consequent the paper reported the litigation to say that Dr Dass is not a qualified plastic surgeon. Dr Vincent Yeow, president of the Singapore platoon of Plastic Surgeons, said: ‘His (Dr Dass’s) qualifications perform not allow him to be distinct an authorized surgeon in Singapore.’The Guidelines on graceful Practices were updated by the SMC further the graceful Practice Oversight Committee clout October 2008 to describe that cosmetic doctors are not allowed to carry out invasive procedures selfsame as rhinoplasties.In his defence, Dr Dass – represented by Mak Wei Munn of Allen & Gledhill – denies the otherwise claims fictional by Mr Sng that he had caused him bitter pain during surgery also caused his nose to become infected and eventually collapse.Dr Dass agreed that ‘he had never implied, advertised and/or under contract outer that he was a practical prerogative plastic surgery, or that he mismatched had a degree, qualification or experience connections adroit surgery’, nor had he represented that he was on the SMC list. But, he added that he is ‘skilled, sharp again convincing to advise on and perform rhinoplasties’ further that he had ‘complied stash unabbreviated relevant laws and regulations in ring in at the just time, command or around February 2008?.Dr Dass also said ascendancy his safeguard that he explained all the risks and possible complications of the practice to Mr Sng and that his patient understood the risks.He denies Mr Sng’s claim that he was not properly sedated during the operation and was therefore in ‘excruciating pain’. Dr Dass said Mr Sng was ‘placed under sedation over was the usual practice at established centres’ and was closely monitored throughout the entire procedure.The hearing has been scheduled for five days.

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