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Is Mahesh Bhatt’s signing of Sunny Leone scripted for Bigg Boss? – Even as filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt prepares to enter the Bigg Boss House to ‘convince’ pornstar Sunny Leone to sign his forthcoming film Jism 2, rumours have it that the maker has ‘already’ signed her ‘before’ she entered the show, and that all the drama is scripted.

It is interesting to note that when Mahesh Bhatt’s son Rahul Bhatt got eliminated after participating in the same show last year, he was reported to have said that the show was “bizarre and scripted”.

In a telephonic talk with a renowned news agency, his exact words were: “Of course, it (Bigg Boss) is all scripted! It is all for TRPs. Drama, fights and romance is all that the audience wants to see… and that’s all that the channel wants to show. In my opinion, some of those who are doing a nautanki on the show are thoroughly briefed.”

Wonder what Rahul would say about his father entering the show this year. However, when we quizzed celebrity publicist Dale Bhagwagar who is a specialist with Bigg Boss, having handled the media for maximum number of contestants on the show, the PR expert denied that the show was scripted.

“No one tells the participants what they have to do. Yes, nowadays Bigg Boss does call the Housemates into the Confession Room more often to give advice and guide them towards the righteous path, but that does not mean the show is scripted,” comments Bhagwagar.

“Apart from situations arising because of the closed-door environment of the House, and the weekly tasks assigned to Housemates, the rest of the time the participants indulge in all the drama by themselves,” he says.

Dale explains, “Most of the participants go to Bigg Boss with an agenda, either to make, remodel or improve their image. They have to generate a considerable amount of excitement to catch attention, either for popularity, or to garner votes and be saved from evictions. But no one except friends and publicists, tell them before hand how to go about it.”

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