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Council tries to stop ‘Aussie Jersey Shore’ – A NSW council is trying to stop the production of a Jersey Shore style “dramality” show amid fears it will destroy the area’s reputation.

The Sutherland Shire reportedly put a motion forward at a meeting on March 19 saying it “did not approve the filming of The Shire and [would] not co-operate in any way with the production”.

Shire mayor Carol Provan said councillors were shocked after seeing a leaked clip of the Network Ten show featuring possible stars, The Age reports.

“All the councillors saw it, and here’s this girl saying ‘I want to be a porn star’, there was a guy saying ‘I like false boobs’, another one saying ‘I’m going to shove her down the stairs’ and of course the red lights went on,” Ms Provan said.

Ms Provan said the Shire was only just getting over negative press after the Sylvania Waters reality show and Cronulla riots five years ago.

She said representatives from Ten contacted the council yesterday and denied the show was like the US-based show Jersey Shore, which is famous for its casts members’ drunken antics.

Ms Provan said Ten’s representatives told her the show was a “Home and Away style” production, but she wasn’t convinced and warned them council would do everything it could to stop it going ahead.

She said the council’s lawyers were trying to find out how the Shine production could be stopped and she would “put a boomgate on the Captain Cook Bridge and Tom Uglys to keep them out”.

Network Ten said it would not comment on the issue but a spokesperson from Shine said the show was not be like Jersey Shore. “This is the real Home and Away, similar to The Only Way is Essex,” the spokesperson said.

The Only Way is Essex is a dramality show based in Essex, England, that is described as Britain’s answer to Jersey Shore.

MTV’s Jersey Shore caused controversy when it premiered in the US in 2009 due to its cast of hard-partying, binge-drinking housemates, who were accused of fuelling negative Italian-American stereotypes.

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