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North according to custom, must pay homage to dead relatives during the Spring Festival. New Year’s Day, Martin and brothers and sisters to pay more than 10 leading onto the grit road north old town. Children no longer joking slapstick, some solemn pace from a sand riding. Along the direction, to pay homage to the countless North merged into a cloud of people. North not by inches the curb, the old town stands appearance the entry of steel Too many people pay homage to, armed police to amplify the intensity of management – just to show the old town of North people were allowed to enter ID. Solidification of the North old town, the commemoration after Ji almost everywhere the scent of burning off, burnt ashes … …

North overlooking the ruins of the shire hospital, 16-year-old Wang Suyan Changgui not from her grandfather, parents and additional relatives are still more than 10 buried in the rubble. At her side, Yan Fu and the children knees, brain Zhao Qianfang, flaming annoy, scalding paper.
She ambitioned to narrate their parents, their own cat Ishimura has immediately built a jewelry of online peregrination northwardly ? – Gina Qiang. Although his sister and became one orphan, merely the reconstruction namely still helping them to staff repaired a 90 square meters of beautiful new families. Speech of Wang Suyan sad eyes firmly: ! Yan Fu said namely this year she and her husband ? a will to Chengdu to work, study and build a house to raise money to aid brothers and sisters. The hereafter, she believes a massive family of 12 brothers and sisters in the huge divider can be acknowledged or to find a job, a new life in the new year will be waiting for human to survive!
reporter photographers Liu Liang Wang Dan North ? report

children’s New Year wish

Wang Suyan (16 years old, the daughter of Aunt Yan Fu): Spring After perusing I am going back to junior lofty drum, hoping to better North ? admitted to the inhibit, afterward admitted to a large divider. Thank you all who helped us, I just hope everybody peace and happiness in 2009.
Wang Yinchun (19 years old, Aunt Yan Fu’s daughter): I can go to Mianyang to work, even when the servant should continue to study for my sister.
Fuxing Wu (17 years antique, Yan Fu’s brother): parents worked, leaving merely a lifetime Xin Ku proficient apt save 30,000 yuan deposit. Sister, said the money will quit always my marital. Pok County this annual I’m going to drive, wish the new year to find go to aid themselves. Try not to difficulty afterward her sister, she was too Xin Ku it!
pay Xing Ran (5-year-old son to pay Yanxiao Shu): Kindergarten closed for a long period, hope to the children after the New Year together another ashore the divider. Hope that the new Pok phase have a large box of watercolor brush, paint the entire family down … …

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