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Buffet Town – Buffet Town,Hello ! I know all the emo-post are gone and now it’s time to add some life back into tha-tomato . that does not mean Bird and I are on good terms already, in fact, it’s only getting worst :Okay, so some weeks ago, I accompanied LKK and grandma to SGH for checkup . Then afterwards, we had buffet at this new buffet restaurant @ RafflesCity called, BuffetTown . It’s located at B1, just beside XiMenDing CoffeeHouse – the old Shokudo Jap Restaurant .
Honestly, I have high expectations for the buffet because the name is so damn attractive but, nahhhhh . Fail much . Don’t like the atmosphere and the food .

Pros : Nice theme, a lot of variety, have got many kinds of seafood and raw, friendly staffs, many choices of beverage .

Cons : No oyster for weekday buffet lunch icon sad Buffet Town , aircon there very stuffy, place too big, take 1 plate of food need walk sucha big round, prawns smaller than Sakura, Sashimi not fresh, desserts and cream puffs look tempting but not nice to eat, too many spot-light makes me dizzy, pasta not very nice dry .

Conclusion : Not worth going back . icon mad Buffet Town

Okay, so we had our 2 hour long buffet, first time sitting there talking so much and barely eating . After buffet, went shopping and I bought a Perlini&Mel plastic bag .*I PAID MYSELF OKAYS!!!!!!* Lols ! Regret buying because not very practical since because when I put in all my barang barang, the bag is sup heavy, like a plastic carrier like that -.-
After walking rounds around RafflesCity, bused down to Chinatown and had tomato juice there .
Then head off quite early as I went off to meet Yx and shouren .
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