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Between Bollywood Diva Sonam and Shahid Kapoor – Between Bollywood Diva Sonam and Shahid Kapoor,Contrary to what was fed to movie lovers that there was no place for kissing action in popular movie Mausam, events are pointing to the contrary. Sonam Kapoor videosxx,This was revealed by no less personality than the star actress in the movie Sonam Kapoor. She told Mumbai Mirror that there indeed was a kiss scene between her and Shahid Kapoor the other that featured in the celebrated movie.Sonam Kapoor boobs nipl
The kiss would not have been possible if not for the intervention of Shahid’s father.Sonam Kapoor niples images It was out of respect which she had for the director of the movie director that Kapoor agreed, to do the kiss bidding. Sonam Kapoor niples images had initially denied that there was no such scene in the katrina isabel kaif mms.

It was not easy for Sonam to accept the blue picture heroin Sonam Kapoor There was dramatic scene at the setting of the film as a result of the real battle that was waged to get her accepts the kiss role in the scene. Sonam Kapoor nipplet took the intervention of Pankaj Kapur’s father for her to accept. Sonam Kapoor blue film When she was informed of the role Kapur she has strongly resisted it until the director decided to put a call to his father who now convinced her.
It appears that the whole drama was hinged on the soared relationship that she had in the past with the co star in the movie Shahid. Sonam in a chat with Mumbai mirror admitted that there was a kiss scene at the movie and she did actually kissed Shahid in the movie. All seemed to have been settled between the two stars. Her superb performance in the movie was confirmed by movie producer Sheeta Talwar.

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