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10 Things Guys Do Wrong in Bed

All guys want their girlfriends/mistresses/wives/whatever to think that they’re a dynamo in bed.

After all, a guy’s sexual prowess is directly connected to their masculinity and a man who can’t satisfy is a man in trouble.

sex time 10 Things Guys Do Wrong in Bed

So, if you’re wondering how to really satisfy your woman, here are 10 things, from a woman’s point of view, that you should NEVER do in bed:

1. The “Wham, bam, thank you m’am” approach: Too many guys see sex as purely something to satisfy their horny cravings. Here’s your poor woman in her cute little nightie, looking forward to a night of passion, and all she gets is the main event without any sort of opening act.

It might satisfy you, but it certainly won’t give her any satisfaction. This directly leads to…

legs foreplay 10 Things Guys Do Wrong in Bed2. Not enough foreplay: Women really hate it when, just a minute or two into oral sex, a guy pulls away and goes right for intercourse.

Really, that’s just not cool at all – give a woman time to properly cum!

3. No communication: As a guy, you might think that sex should just be about the physical act, but women see it as so much more than that.

That’s right, before you start in on foreplay, talk for a little while. Tell her what you’d like to do to her, and (this one’s the clincher) ask her what she wants.

4. The wrong kind of communication: Some guys talk right before sex, but they talk way too much, and about the wrong things.

Okay, so maybe your coworker’s a real jerk, but talking about it really isn’t going to do much for the mood.

5. Ignoring pivotal g-spots: Men too often ignore the overall female anatomy, preferring instead to go right for her pubic area or her breasts.

Yes, these two places are stimulating, but what about the neck, torso, and thighs? Mix it up a little bit, otherwise things can get boring quickly.

6. Thrusting too quickly: It might help you, but it certainly doesn’t help her. Women like to be treated gently, not like they’re being pounded by a very large (well, at least you’d like to think so) woodpecker.

Just go at a moderate pace, not being too rough, but making each thrust really count at the same time.

7. Not warning her when you’re about to cum: Obviously, women cum more emotionally than physically. Yeah, it can get a little slippery down there when a woman’s been satisfied, but guys are the ones that make a real mess.

Tell her just before you’re going to cum – especially if she’s giving you fellatio. After all, semen isn’t always something a woman wants to swallow, and you certainly don’t want her choking.

surprise woman 10 Things Guys Do Wrong in Bed

8. Trying Anal Sex Without Her Permission: Really, unless she’s told you before, she’s probably not into anal sex. Some guys like to try it out, but honestly, it’s something that can be very painful for a woman.

So, if that’s something that you want to try, don’t just go ahead and pretend like you were confused and in the wrong hole – ask her first!

9. Not being creative: Guys get an A for effort if they try something and it doesn’t work out, but guys who don’t try anything new just end up plain old boring.

C’mon now, the missionary position is so 18th Century.

10. Getting too creative: Yes, there is a happy medium in the sexual creativity department. Women like trying new things, but when those new things involve being contorted into award positions, then that’s not a good thing. Just be careful if you break the table you don’t fix it in the nude.

In the end a woman’s body language will tell you what she likes and doesn’t like.

So, pay attention, and you’ll be on your way to doing everything (namely her) right.

happy girl 10 Things Guys Do Wrong in Bed

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